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Date:2008-01-20 20:20

Curtain Call... Thanks for 8 Great Years.

following a very long period of careful consideration it is with a heavy heart but a newfound lightness in my soul, i've come to the conclusion that it's time for me to leave strata and move on with other artistic endeavors.

as part of the band i got the opportunity to travel to multiple countries, play shows all over the place, meet great people and get to know the streets of so many cities from coast to coast... i am so grateful for everyone's support and love and am indebted to you all for so much i could never repay, my only hope is that we'll all look fondly back and smile. i am thankful to everyone who came to shows throughout the years, everyone who supported the band emotionally, personally and professionally. thank you for all of the magical moments and memories i will forever cherish.

i will continue to love and support my friends hrag, adrian and ryan in whatever it is they choose to do next, be it as a group or as individuals, musically or otherwise - we each look to the future with optimism and are in the highest of spirits.

i have watched friends of mine leave their respective bands and have seen these things take such ugly turns with rumors and rampant speculation, i've seen people stir up drama in what really should be looked at as a positive thing... so, i'm asking nicely of everyone involved, from fans and friends to business and family please let this be a time of growth and evolution, a celebration of the past eight years and anticipation of what's to come.

thank you for listening.

be well.
-eric victorino.

Source/here too

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Date:2007-08-27 19:29
Subject:85 Icons, 1 Header & 1 Friends Only

85 Icons, 1 Header & 1 Friends Only
01-15 [Negative, Private Line]
16-20 [Paramore]
21-25 [My Chemical Romance]
26-30 [Strata]
31-35 [30 Seconds To Mars]
36-40 [Queer As Folk]
41-45 [Matt Damon]
46-55 [All Blacks]
56-70 [Kat Von D]
71-85 [Lostprophets]
86 [Strata]
87 [Negative]

Here At forever_xwrong

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Date:2007-06-26 23:43
Subject:Strata Interview!

There's a new Strata interview at Shame-free....in the blog at:


love, r

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Date:2007-04-12 12:30
Subject:New PromoteStrata.com Messageboard!

Check it out!


Join up and make it fun.

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Date:2007-04-03 20:36

Warped Tour: Street Team

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Date:2007-03-12 04:00
Subject:CT & RI Shows
Mood: excited

Out of curiousity who's planning on attending either or show(s)?
I'm on spring break next week, so i'm really going to make an effort to attend the CT show w/ 30 seconds to mars. I'm definitely attending my home show in RI though. =0)

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Date:2007-01-30 10:57

Hey all,

Strata’s first single, Cocaine (We're All Going to Hell), from “Strata Presents the End of the World” is now available in iTunes.

Make sure to buy it today for only $0.99! Cocaine has never been so cheap.

Buy it here

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Date:2007-01-27 02:09
Subject:Words of wisdom.
Mood: excited

but can you still remember your very first kiss
or the future you hoped for when we were still kids
stay young, stay young

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Date:2006-10-23 23:32

Does anyone have Strata's "New National Anthem" and want to send it to me?! AIM = latinforaqueous


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Date:2006-06-15 11:55
Subject:This just made me smile.
Mood: silly

I was reading through this community called "Musicsecret" or something like that.


Check out # 51

It made me smile becuase I feel the same way. If you're in this community..I totally agree!

Be safe everyone!

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Date:2006-01-28 22:38

Hey everyone. I'm trying to find a place to put on a charity concert on Saturday, Febuary 18th. Preferably in the Fremont/Newark/Union City area. Hell, it could be at a house. Doesn't matter. It goes to benefit the Save the Music Foundation. We just need to find a place to host this event, if anyone at all has any ideas or contact information or even wants to help, please let me know. It was originally scheduled at a pizza place, but they cancelled it. So, we need to find another venue. Please help!
You can either comment here or email me a message at wallcouldtalk@hotmail.com
Thanks everyone!


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Date:2005-10-13 02:50

Spread the word, My friends @ Katie blooms on Campbell Ave. in Campbell, CA. are having a Hurricane Katrina Benift today

Hurricane Katrina benefit relief fund raiser at Katie Blooms this Thursday Oct. 13th.

Entertainment starts at 6:30pm By Kailad's A: Reggae soul artist

@ Katie Blooms Starts at 7:30pm $5 optional donation at the door. Raffled prizes. More prizes include the following.

-$100 bar tab @ Katie Blooms
-2 autographed sharks helmets (which I saw tonight that are sooooooo rad) Plus more sharks swag
-a CD burner
-Gift certificates not only to Katie Blooms but other local Campbell restaurants
-Plus much much more

Happy Hour 4-7pm
Late kitchen till 1AM
$1 per ticket or $10 for 12 or $20 for 25

Celtic soul band plus more and the famous DJ Tony dj'ing between bands.

This is a huge thing going on that I think everyone would be down to attend.

I hope everyone is willing spread the word or go.

For more info. Please contact Linda at Katie Blooms 408-379-9687

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Date:2005-09-28 08:49
Subject:go here if ur cool


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Date:2005-07-03 18:33
Subject:Next record!
Mood: hopeful

From what I've heard the next album is going to have some awesome material...including a few ballads and some harder stuff.

I can't wait!!! :-)

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Date:2005-06-26 16:03
Subject:Are you sick of

Are you sick of the "are you hott" and "no ugly" communties?
If you answered yes to the question then join x_ugly_core_x

It's a communtiy based on personality and truth, rather then are you hott or ugly. Join today. Its a kick ass community!!

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Date:2005-06-25 19:30
Subject:oh yeah bizzotch
Mood: chilly

i finally got my background on LJ to post up. and hopefully, its going to stay there.


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Date:2005-05-09 11:10


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Date:2005-04-29 15:20
Subject:i'm made of plastic parts and wires...
Mood: howdy

hello, i'm new to the strata community!! and i need yer help...

i made this background for my journal...but for some reason it isn't showing up.

my lovely work...Collapse )

i'm thinking i dont have the override right. someone, help!!!

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Date:2005-04-17 22:09

Hey everyone. I feel lame doing this. But can anyone make a Strata icon for me? That has a pic of Eric and the lyrics 'Each Breath for you' on it. I suck at making them, and I was hoping someone in here is good at it. hehe Thanks in advanced.

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Date:2005-04-10 19:14
Mood: mellow

STRATA tonite at ZOE
South First St in Downtown San Jose

STRATA hits the stage around 8pm
so get there EARLY and be sure to welcome the boys back home
at least for the moment

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